Rich Miller 

For the past thirty years of his career, Rich Miller has focused his efforts on networked applications, wireless services and data center technologies as well as strategic marketing and commercial strategy for new companies and new lines of business.  As a founder and principal of Breo, Rich has directed the formation and funding of companies that provide networked applications, network infrastructure technologies, and service infrastructures for and the long-term planning of networked application services.   While focused primarily on early stage companies, he has acted as lead consultant on technology and commercial projects for such companies as AT&T, IBM, and Palm Computing.

Most recently, Rich assumed the role of CEO of Replicate Technologies, Inc., an early stage technology company developing management platforms for networks supporting virtualized machine environments.  Rich co-founded and served as COO of Univa UD from 2004 through 2006.  Prior to establishing Breo, Rich served as executive vice president in charge of General Magic’s communication technology (Telescript) business unit and business development.  He has founded or incubated such companies as InfoMedia Corporation, Rapport Communication, Univa UD and Replicate Technologies, Inc.  He has been active in both OSI and internet standards for messaging, directory systems and security.  He helped create and was Chairman of the Electronic Messaging Association from 1988 through 1990. As a network technology architect, he designed and implemented some of the first computer messaging and computer conferencing systems for the ARPAnet in the early 1970s.