Decisions at Defining Moments.

Building a great technology company isn’t for the faint of heart.  Demanding product life cycles, rapidly advancing technologies, fast-changing markets and intense competition add to the complexity that tests the skills of even the best executive teams.

In our business, we've seen equally talented teams with equivalent resources and time produce vastly differing results.  We've looked at what separates the winners from the losers, and the margin of difference ultimately comes down to the decisions made during critical moments in a company's life.

These defining moments can be strategic or tactical.  They can be about pursuing new markets or better segmenting existing ones.  They can be about harnessing an emerging technology or rejecting it in favor of more conventional and cost-effective solutions. They can be about fueling a plan to build market share by raising financing from the right source.  They are about designing a go-to-market plan or gutting a strategy entirely in favor of a bold new direction.

You’ve built a team to maximize your odds of success during these defining moments.  Yet, invariably, situations will arise where the team needs additional expertise, contacts and insight to make a winning decision.

This is where Breo can help.  Our mission is simple -- to help you make great decisions at defining moments in your company's life.

We are seasoned operating executives with deep domain and functional expertise in the areas of strategy, positioning, product marketing, corporate development, engineering and service operations.  We understand the metabolism of a startup and that of a mature company.  We know how to decide and take action quickly even if our information imperfect.  We work alongside executive teams and boards and inspire confidence in both.  We are unafraid to roll up our sleeves and make things happen.  We are unafraid to challenge conventional wisdom.